Here i will post both my NSFW and SFW works, i like to draw all the weird ideas i have, if you want more content, you can visit my instagram or my twitter.

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This is the moemnt where i would like to say "hey, i just finished this semester, my vacations started and im planning to upload daily drawings to my social media"

In reality that is not the case, i didnt passed, and in a very deep part of me it hurts, i was very dissapointed in myself when i finally understood that i wil have to repetar

But crying over this is dumb, and i feel dumb now for not realizing it sooner, winning and losing is such a stupid concept to use in this case and in many others, the point of a school is to prepare me for working in the future, repeating one is not a real defeat, is a test to make sure i have the abilities necesary to pass the next one.

True victory is completing my University period, it doesnt matter how many times i have to repeat, this is just like any other VideoGame boss, i can be defeated as many times as i can but i only need to win ONCE

torturing myself over this is stupid, this wont be reflected on my future if i dont improve on it now

Thats why i do in fact plan to make daily drawings and a small proyect at the end of the week in order to practice more my time management and responsability with working.

maybe in the future i will try to do different stuff, it depends on how much time i have left ecause my school system is broken, but i first need to complete this, for myself

i need to surpass myself so the moment i go back there and see my professors i will be a different and better person.

thank you

(also, if anyone knows how to upload more than one picture to NG i would be very grateful)

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The group found a battery for the car.

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The group escaped in Segment III and didn't discover the Psycho's identity.

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Rafe/Penny found the lighter.

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Penny wore special clothes for Rafe.

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Collect an egg

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Kill someone in the credits menu

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